The sweet sounds of Big Easy music drifting through the air like the smell of magnolias, the spiky experimentalism of NYC’s Knitting Factory, the pop bombast of Phil Spector, the aching beauty of ancient gypsy songs… you will find it all in Phil’s music.

Songs from the underbelly of America, songs about big hearts and bigger dreams. empty pockets and souls full of longing. At the crossroads of Soul Street and Heartbreak Avenue, you’ll find Phil the Tremolo King strumming his six string and singing his songs underneath a blue moon.

Phil the Tremolo King was born in Belgium and has lived in New York City, Austin and now New Orleans. Catch him all over town playing solo, or surrounded by brass and percussion with his Eclectic Ensemble, playing cumbia with Los Tremolo Kings or trad jazz with the Dan Ruch Quartet.

Stay tuned for the release of his newest CD, recorded with local jazz and indie musicians, ‘St Joe’s Pawnshop Orchestra”, slated for release in the spring of 2020.