“Semi-Unplugged” a collection of demo’s, radio performances and more, mostly acoustic.

unplugged cover front and back copy



“11” my CD of post-Katrina recordings, recorded in Austin and New Orleans. Mixed on boombox, with guitar, mandolin, recorder, plastic toy xylophone, a tin popcorn can and a Casio keyboard bought at Goodwill for $15.

“Covering not only ambient site-specific narratives, Phil The Tremolo King stitches together child megaphone Dada, reverent bayou blues and quivering Chris Isaak presence, to produce an unassuming little masterpiece.” ( God is In the TV, 2012)


stencil cover copyhttp://planetb.bandcamp.com/album/11


“4 Track Adventures”, my cassette-only release for Cassette Store Day 2014. As the title suggests, all old 4 track recordings…

“Phil delicately runs through a gamut of redemptive country and western, hazy psych pop, sleepy bedtime lullaby’s, the troubled quivering minimal blues of Sparklehorse and plaintive Leonard Cohen-esque mooning, to produce his most stripped back, but effective work yet.”
  ( Monolith Cocktail, 2014)

cover w cassettehttp://planetb.bandcamp.com/album/4-track-adventures


“2 Americas” recorded on 4 track in a non-airconditioned rehearsal space with drummer Eric Martinez. Raw and dirty guitar-and-drums garage rock.

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“America for Sale” recorded under the moniker Tremoflex9000, a project of myself, Vic Ruggiero and Flex Unger. Organic lo fi electronica, folk, noise rock, blues and jazz.

america for sale CD cover copyhttp://philthetremoloking.bandcamp.com/album/america-for-sale


“Tremoflex9000” self-titled EP  Guest appearance by singer Franky Paul.




“A Man…A Mood…A Guitar” my first full-length, recorded in New York City with Vic Ruggiero and Dave Hillyard of legendary NYC ska band the Slackers. Inspired by my vast collection of $2 thrift store records.

A Man...A Mood...A Guitar new copy


“Songs from Planet B” my first ever recording, recorded on ( yes) 4 Track in a squat in NYC. Sci fi surf!

Songs from Planet B CD copyhttp://planetb.bandcamp.com/album/songs-from-planet-b



“Bowery Blues” by Piker Ryan’s Folly, a punk lounge outfit I played guitar with back in my old NYC daze…

Bowery Blues fronthttps://marksteiner.bandcamp.com/album/bowery-blues-live-at-cbgb